Transform the way you Work, Learn and Live

Meeting participants waste up to 20 percent of video meeting time on technical issues around preparation and connectivity. In today’s digital age, this is unacceptable. Technology should help your business and not affect productivity and performance. 

Despite the fact that work styles have changed significantly over the years, work spaces and collaboration technologies have not evolved progressively resulting in a variety  of problems affecting users in meeting rooms and teaching-learning spaces.

The poor user experience has impacted technology adoption and resulted in productivity and efficiency loss. This is why we decided to engineer the next-generation of collaboration solutions and offer people a smarter way to work, learn or even live.


ROOMIE is a unique Smart Collaboration Assistant, enabling users to:

  • Project their screen over the air using any device (AirPlay, GoogleCast, Miracast);
  • Start chat sessions and make calls using consumer and/or enterprise applications;
  • Join any audio, web or video conferences hosted by any platform or service;
  • Be clearly seen and heard during meetings thanks to HD video and audio;
  • Access any enterprise applications or cloud service used today or in the future (CRM, LMS, HRMS, ERP…);
  • Record, store and stream any media from the comfort of the conference room.


ROOMIE is widely used by organizations to:

  • Wirelessly present documents, images and slide-ware during meetings;
  • Host virtual meetings across geographies;
  • Engage employees using live and recorded video communications;
  • Interview candidates and read their body language thanks to HD video;
  • Grow human capital by recruiting, hiring and on-boarding talents;
  • Train and develop employees, partners and customers remotely;
  • Educate, treat and monitor patients inside and outside of the hospital;
  • Connect, educate and develop students, teachers and professors;
  • Maintain and service equipment and support field technicians remotely;

RCX-300 (3)

ROOMIE runs on Windows 10 Pro, so that:

  • All users adopt and use the technology without the need for retraining;
  • Administrators can install any software to connect to any on-premise or cloud-based platform;
  • Network professionals get the level of security, management and control they require for their organization.
  • System support, maintenance and updates are as automated as possible;

Make team meetings more efficient and free of technical headaches!

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