Work Smarter with ROOMIE 100!

Nuage Solutions launches ROOMIE 100 Smart Collaboration Device designed for huddle rooms, home offices and open workspaces.



Nuage Solutions, proudly announce today the launch of another smooth and effective solution under the ROOMIE Smarter Collaboration range of products. The Singapore-based technology start-up company is determined to transform the unified communication and collaboration market, and reshape workspaces with ROOMIE 100.

Designed for huddle rooms, home offices and open collaborative workspaces, ROOMIE 100 is a all-in-one audio and video device integrating the three essential components required for effective virtual meetings:

  • Full HD camera (1080p30) with wide field of vision (120°) and mechanical tilt;
  • Omnidirectional mic supporting noise reduction and echo cancellation;
  • Full-duplex speaker for best-in-class audio clarity during conferences.

The Smart Collaboration Device enhances the audio and video quality of your traditional voice calls, video conferences, web-based learning programs and live streaming sessions. The integrated full High Definition camera, delivers fine picture details as well as clear and smooth video to improve meeting experience.

ROOMIE 100 Front
ROOMIE 100 Smart Collaboration Device by Nuage Solutions

Designed with users in mind, the smart collaboration provides remedy to many of the headaches experienced during virtual meetings. “When it comes to team collaboration, a laptop is not good enough to host effective virtual team meetings. The limitations of in-built microphones, speakers and webcams badly affect the meeting experience” said Marc-Alexis Remond. “With ROOMIE 100 everybody seating the room will be seen and heard clearly resulting in improved collaboration regardless of distance” he added.

ROOMIE 100 Side 1
ROOMIE 100 integrates 1080p30 camera, Omnidirectional mic and full-duplex speaker.

ROOMIE 100’s full high definition camera (1920×1080 at 30fps) has a wide field of vision (120° Angle) enabling users to see more people and details in smaller meeting and learning spaces. ROOMIE 100’s Omni-Directional Microphone has a 360-degree pickup range within a given area of 15-20 square meters. The Smart Collaboration is a fully-duplex speakerphone capable of transmitting audio signals in two directions simultaneously. Its built-in audio digital signal processors (DSPs) implements adaptive echo cancellation and noise reduction. Both parties can speak simultaneously as if they were having a face to face meeting.


Nuage solutions designed ROOMIE 100 to be easy to use and portable. There is no need to install any software or use an external power supply. It’s plug and play and powered using the USB cable. Simply connect ROOMIE 100 to your PC, Mac or supported Android device. Its small size (235mm×62mm×62mm) and light weight (460 grams) allow users to take the Smart Collaboration Device wherever they go.



ROOMIE 100 can be used to learn, work or play. Not only it is compatible with any personal or professional software installed on your computer running on Windows or Mac operating system but it also works on X-Box and selected high-end Android devices equipped with USB ports. Customers can use it to can make voice-over-IP calls, join audio conferences, attend web-based training, participate in video meetings, broadcast a video stream live from the meeting room, record audio and video files, listen to music, watch movies and more…

How can I use ROOMIE?

The ROOMIE Smarter Collaboration range of products is designed for various meeting, learning and working spaces including huddle rooms, shared workstations, home offices, consultation rooms, visitation rooms, guest rooms or even library booths. Here are some popular ways ROOMIE systems and devices are used across Industries worldwide:

  • Healthcare: Prevention, Wellness, Telemedicine, Tele-pharmacy, Medical Education;
  • Education: e-Learning, Remote mentoring, Coaching, Live Events, Lecture Capture;
  • Government: Citizen Services, Telejustice, Video Visitation, Remote Training,
  • Hospitality: Business Centre, Conference Room, Guest Services; Entertainment;
  • Manufacturing: Remote Inspection; Quality Control, Technical Training;
  • Services: Meetings, Training, Communication, Interviews, Project Management;
  • Home: Telework, Video Streaming; Video Gaming, Music and Movies;

Just like Smartphones have changed the way we communicate, ROOMIE improves team collaboration, talent development, knowledge retention, technical support, work-life balance and, citizen and human services delivery.

For further information or enquiries on this fantastic collaborative technology contact us


About Nuage Solutions


Nuage Solutions transform the way people work, learn and live. We design innovative solutions for unified communication, collaboration and security.  We leverage our global network of partners to deliver cutting-edge hardware, software and services to enterprises, governments, healthcare providers and education institutions. ROOMIE Smarter Collaboration® is a registered trademark.







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