Nuage Solutions

The Company

Nuage Solutions was founded based on the vision to transform the way people work, learn and live. Our mission is to make team meetings more effective and free of technical headaches. Headquartered in Singapore, we leverage over 17 years of experience helping organisations embrace new technologies across teams, functions and Industries.

We specialize in improving adoption and utilization of unified communication, conferencing, collaboration, mobile and social solutions across Industries. We design innovative and disruptive solutions integrating software, hardware and services.

We understand people, spaces, processes and technology. More importantly we know how to blend these four critical elements into solutions that increase employee engagement, organizational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We are committed to your success in every way. Together with our partners, we provide solutions and services, including training and consultancy services to enterprises, governments, education and healthcare institutions.

Just like Smartphones have changed the way we communicate, ROOMIE is changing the way we collaborate. Join the transformation like many of our customers and partners!

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