ROOMIE is a unique range of smart collaboration systems for home, office and teaching spaces  which offer people a better way to work, learn or even live. Our product range has been carefully designed to meet the needs of enterprise users and IT departments. Users can easily access any cloud-based service or launch any application such as LINE, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangout, Adobe Connect, Polycom, Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Skype for Business and many more…

Select the right product for your organization in the table below:

Room Capacity Product Camera USB Zoom Processor RAM HDD Space / Activity
X-Small 2-4 ROOMIE 100 1080p30 USB 2.0 No Zoom NA NA NA Small Meeting Rooms, Huddle Rooms, Shared Workspaces
Small 4-6 ROOMIE 200 1080p30 Integrated No Zoom Intel Atom Quad Core (Up to 1.8GHz) 2GB 32GB Huddle Room, Booth and Mobile Cart
Small 4-6 ROOMIE 300 1080p30 USB 3.0 4X Digital Intel Celerom Quad Core (Up to 2.4GHz) 4GB 500GB Huddle Room, Meeting Room, Executive Office
Medium 6-10 ROOMIE 400 1080p30 USB 2.0 10X Optical + 12X Digital Intel Celerom Quad Core (Up to 2.4GHz) 4GB 500GB Meeting Room, Consultation Room
Large 10-20 ROOMIE 600 1080p30 USB 2.0 12X Optical + 12X Digital Intel Core i3 Dual Core 4GB 1TB Conference Room, Boardroom
Large 20-30 ROOMIE 800 1080p60 USB 3.0 12X Optical + 12X Digital Intel Core i5 Dual Core 8GB 1TB Training Room, Classroom, Lab…
X-Large 30+ ROOMIE 1000 1080p60 USB 3.0 20X Optical + 12X Digital Intel Core i7 Dual Core 16GB 2TB Amphitheatre, Lecture Hall, Ballroom and Studio.

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