Consultancy Services

Many organisations suffer from low user adoption resulting into poor return on technology investment. This is why we provide consultancy services to help you boost adoption and utilization of Unified Communication and Collaboration Technologies.

Collaboration Adoption Program (CAP)

Getting users to change their behavior is one of the biggest hurdles to the successful deployment of a new solution. When dealing with upgrades, conversions or deployments of any kind, developing a user adoption strategy is the best predictor of any program success. Nuage ‘s approach to user adoption of collaboration solutions and organizational change management is grounded in the following principles:

  • Conduct ethnographic research. We invest time to understand the “Day in the Life” of users. We observe patterns and behaviors, analyse workflows and processes, in the context of their work in the office, on the move and at home.
  • Develop concrete use cases. Getting buy-in from users is imperative. We collaborate to explain how the new solution will improve workflows and share the business and user benefits. We provide tactics for helping users get started and get over initial obstacles.
  • Promote the program. Effective internal and external communication is key and requires a plan. We collaborate with our clients to spread the message to executives, managers, employees, and outside vendors to gain acceptance and air cover.
  • Educate and train users. We develop engaging and compelling materials to maximize interactions and knowledge retention. We use slides, exercises, manuals, videos role plays and more. Most importantly, we have many conversations to identify potential advocates
  • Recruit ambassadors. Individuals and teams must have a vested interest in the program’s success. This is why we connect both users and stakeholders to the project. We will enable them to become ambassadors, real agents of change from the beginning.
  • Measure impact. Together, we set objectives at the beginning of the project. We keep on monitoring the user adoption curve and analyse the impact of the new solution implementation throughout the project life-cycle.
  • Continuous Improvement. We are open to ideas and suggestions because we like to try new things. We always keep our communication channel open. That’s the only way to improve our Collaboration Adoption Program and help your organisation succeed.



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